B+Safe Solar Snake Repellers - EXCLUSIVE TO THE PET SHOP BOYZ

The B+ Safe Solar Snake Repeller works by emitting an ultrasonic pulse which snakes feel as a vibration transmitted through the ground. Snakes then perceive this as a danger zone causing them to evacuate the area where the repeller is installed.

The pulse is transmitted at approx 40 - 50 second intervals and covers an area of approx 650m2 - 700m2. The units have 3 different pulse tones which reduces the risk of the snakes becoming accustomed to the pulse.

It is always recommended to use at least two or more units to get the best results. The repeller transmits its signal in all directions in a radius of approx 15m so they can be placed around 30m apart in high risk areas forming a boundary around the area you are protecting from snakes.

You may place a unit close to retaining walls, rock gardens, old sheds etc, to relocate snakes out from their hiding / resting places and away from your property.

The B+ Safe Snake Repeller works by collecting solar energy, therefore it is important that the top of the unit be exposed to the sun during the day. The solar module will charge the power cell during the day and run the unit well into the evening when many snakes are actively hunting.

By moving the repeller unit 3-4 meters every 2-3 months this should be enough to prevent acustomisation by any resident snakes.


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