Somerford Coconut Skin Balm for Dogs

Somerford Coconut Skin Balm for Dogs

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Benefits of Somerford Coconut Skin Balm for Dogs. ... 


- Minimizes doggy odor

- Creates sleek and glossy coats

- When applied topically promotes hair regrowth.

Somerford Coconut Skin Balm can be applied to the skin area 3 times a day
for 3 days & then twice a day.
Coconut Oil is a natural remedy is Cortisone Free 

Not harmful if the dog licks it off.

Considerations –Somerford Coconut Skin Balm is a natural topical treatment.
Coat & Skin issues can require a diet change for your pet.
Feeding Somerford Raw & Natural Ultra Premium Raw food, which is 100% grain free and a single protein diet, may help in keeping  you dogs skin & coat in great condition.