Raw & Natural Dog Food Mixes

While we do promote a completely raw diet, such as our Somerford Raw & Natural Complete Formula, mixed feeding is certainly a more beneficial option than feeding dry kibble alone.

Somerford Raw & Natural Complete Formula gives your dog exactly what they were born to eat. It is a Raw BARF diet which provides your pet with the best possible nutrition, with a naturally complete and satisfying diet. Fed with fresh meaty bones for good dental health, and tasty treats, your pet has everything it needs to stay happy and healthy.
However we do understand that some owners choose to feed their pet with a combination of raw food and dry kibble. This is called mixed feeding.
And just like having premium quality ingredients in a raw food mix is essential, we also recommend a premium kibble, that is grain free and made with quality ingredients. This ensures that mixed feeding still provides the best nutritional outcomes for your pet.
Somerford Raw & Natural provides a holistic approach to mixed feeding, combining our Protein Boost range with a good quality dry kibble.

Somerford Raw & Natural Protein Boost contains much more than just minced meat. Our ingredients are single protein human grade meat, finely ground bone and cartilage, heart, liver and kidney, flaxseed oil, coconut oil and raw hemp seed oil, kelp powder and live probiotics.

Somerford Raw & Natural Protein Boost can be mixed in or added to a bowl of kibble. Or fed for alternate meals to give your pet variety in their diet.
Somerford Raw & Natural Protein Boost is available in chicken, lamb, kangaroo, turkey, duck or seafood varieties.
Also available in combination packs with our Somerford Raw & Natural Complete Formula varieties.

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