Somerford Raw & Natural Ultra Premium Pet Food

Somerford Raw and Natural Ultra Premium Pet Food is made from 100% human grade ingredients from some of Australia's best known growing and grazing regions and is delivered direct to your door in a frozen state. Just defrost and let your pet taste the healthy difference.

Somerford Raw and Natural started thanks to our love of breeding and showing Weimaraners.

Somerford Weimaraners began back in 1973 and is one of Australia’s finest and longest established Weimaraner breeders, breeding show quality pure bred pedigree Weimaraners who are fed only a Somerford Raw and Natural Diet. 
We made the switch to our raw food formula from feeding premium dry dog food a while back and we have been so pleased with the results that we felt we should share Somerford Raw and Natural Diet with the rest of Australia. 
It really changed our dogs and puppies for the better. 

Better overall health, better puppies, better growth and better coats all equal better quality of life. 
We love our dogs and love our puppies. We only want to feed them the best as they are so much a part of our family. 

Our BARF diet has changed many pets lives for the better. Whether it’s a puppy, healthy adult dog, or a dog with sensitive skin and digestive issues, our formulation is made based on the wild dog food diet that dogs have evolved over thousands of years to eat.
Many dry foods these days contain cereal products as their main ingredients, just check the ingredient list and you will be surprised. Dogs digestive systems do not cope well with a high cereal diet. They must obtain the bulk of their protein and fat from real meat/bone and organ meats. Their carbs and fibre should come from plants such as vegetable matter.

The Somerford Raw and Natural Diet has a complete and balanced formula that as the first ingredient is real meat plus organ meats together with vegetable matter for carbohydrate and fibre that is slightly fermented replicating the fermented plant matter that is in the stomach of the prey a wild dog would have caught. For extra health benefits we have then added probiotics, fish oil and Flaxseed oil.

You can be confident that the Somerford Raw and Natural does not have any of the fillers or additives below.

  • NO Meat By- Product
  • NO Meat Poultry By- Product
  • NO Wheat
  • NO Corn
  • NO Rice
  • NO Sorghum
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Colourings
  • NO Cooking at any temperature. 
  • NO Soy



Say goodbye to dry dog kibble and say hello to Somerford.

 Somerford Raw & Natural Ultra Premium Pet Food

is made from all AustraliaSourced 100% Human Grade Ingredients and Delivered to your door. 

* No Grains * No Fillers * No Chemical * No Colouring

* No Preservatives * No heat processing 

Love your pet, Love supporting Australian Made,

Somerford Raw & Natural...Changing Pets


Somerford Raw & Natural Ultra-Premium Pet Food comes with
FREE delivery to your door.
Areas covered are Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle, Gold Coast and Brisbane.
If you’re not sure if you are in our delivery area please feel free to call us on 0249 600 708 and we will try and make it possible for your pet to have the benefits of Somerford Raw & Natural.
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