B+ Safe Solar Snake Repeller

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It is always recommended to use at least two or more units to get the best results. The repeller transmits its signal in all directions in a radius of approx 15m so they can be placed around 30m apart in high risk areas forming a boundary around the area you are protecting from snakes.

The Be Safe Solar Snake Repeller is the repeller of choice with Government Organisations, Golf Clubs and Resorts. Why not trust the brand of the professionals when it comes to deterring snakes from your backyards? Our snake repeller is not only found in many commercial organisations but is also used in residential and suburban applications.

Deter snakes from being near your home, pets, children and other loved ones this summer. Each Be Safe Solar Snake Repeller sends out vibrations that the snakes perceive as signalling a dangerous area. Snakes don’t rely on sight or hearing to detect dangers, they rely on their other senses which makes this method so effective.

The solar panel and battery ensure that the unit will work 24hrs a day and not just when the sun is out.


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