No Bark Citronella Spray Dog Collar Rechargable

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Barking is a form of communication for dogs. However, excessive barking can become a big problem to pet owners and the neighbourhood.
Dogs often bark when you aren't home leading to complaints from your neighbours & council.
Many of our customers report great success with our No Bark Collars, these collars are a great training aid that actually teaches your dog not to bark unnecessary, many dogs learn in a relatively short time to stop barking, so you are able to discontinue use after a short period & only re use to reinforce training as needed.
Common causes of excessive barking can be - Noise phobia, Separation anxiety, Compulsive behaviour, Attention-seeking, Pain or Territorial Behaviour.


     This Pack Includes -

  • A fully rechargeable anti-bark spray dog training collar
  • Release a harmless and safe citronella mist spray to stop barking
  • Adjustable mist spray level from gentle to strong
  • Adjustable collar strap fit all size dogs
  • Eco-friendly to protect your dog and environment
  • Citronella bottle & USB charger included