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Single-Protein Dog Food

Switching to Single Source Protein Dog Food

Most dog foods incorporate a mix of protein sources, but single source protein dog food has health benefits worth the switch. Single protein foods allow you to avoid meats your pet is allergic to while ensuring they still receive a complete and balanced diet. Switching to a single protein source such as the Somerford range is made easy with The Pet Shop Boyz’ holistic pet food selections and delivery options.

The Benefits of Single Protein Dog Food

With only one protein type, single source dog food allows you to limit the variety of ingredients which may have several health benefits.

  • Sensitive Stomach: Single protein pet foods tend to be limited ingredient diets (LIDS), which incorporate fewer filler ingredients. This lack of filler is beneficial for dogs with sensitive stomachs as it limits additional elements to break down.
  • Allergies: Some pets are allergic to specific protein types, such as beef or chicken. Switching to hypoallergenic dog food is an easy way to eliminate particular proteins from their diet. If your dog continues to have skin or stomach irritation, you know, they are allergic to something else too!
  • Exotic Proteins: Traditional (and cheaper) sources of protein tend to be beef or chicken, but these are some of the most common protein allergies in dogs. When you use a single source protein, treat your dog to the best and choose something unconventional. Duck, Salmon and even kangaroo, are all fun options for feeding your beloved pet.

Why Buy From The Pet Shop Boyz?

The Pet Shop Boyz is a convenient option for purchasing single protein cat food thanks to our excellent customer service and a variety of options.

  • Delivery: Your busy schedule shouldn't get in the way of giving your dog the food they deserve. To help you be as efficient as possible we now offer delivery of our dog food to local areas, letting you spend more time with your pooch and less time lugging around bags of pet food.
  • Knowledgeable Staff: Our staff has a combined experience of 150 years across many fields of pet service. They are ready to answer any questions you may have and will ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions for your household pet.
  • Local Sourcing: As a local Australian small business, we pride ourselves on supporting other companies in the area. So, when you support The Pet Shop Boyz, you are also supporting the surrounding area, which is always a great way to give back to your community.

The Boyz provide the optimum variety of single source protein dog food with staff you can trust and reliable delivery.

About Pet Shop Boyz

We opened in 2005 to provide the community with holistic pet food and toys. Over time we have developed relationships with other local Australian companies, particularly Somerford Raw & Natural pet food. We know that you don't always have the time to collect your products, and we have incorporated delivery into our ever-expanding services. We are here to help you take care of your cat or dog to ensure your friendship lasts a lifetime. Contact us to learn more about feeding your favourite pets a healthy diet. Read More

When the Pet Shop Boyz opened back in 2005, there were very few options on the market for holistic meals for pets. Generic, mushy, and otherwise indistinguishable foods were historically a top choice - but that's all changing now.

Raw dog food diets for dogs are quickly becoming the norm across Australia. Preparing your pet's meals at home can be time-consuming, but now you have so many more options that your dog will love just as much.

Single Protein Dog Food Is Healthier and Tastier

Single protein dog food in Australia is one of our most popular product lines. It ensures your pet doesn't encounter proteins that don't agree with them, whilst maintaining full control over the ingredients your pet eats.

High-quality dog food protein ensures you're not left with the gristle and fats. Somerford Raw & Natural Diet foods ensure the lean protein content is high for the best health benefits. Each meal is carefully prepared with the right balance of protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and essential fats to encourage health and vitality including boosting the immune system and encouraging a luxurious coat.

Choosing Somerford's Single Protein Dog Food in Australia

Whether you're looking for a single protein dry dog food in Australia, or whether your pet enjoys a wet food diet, Somerford Raw & Natural Diet range has something your furry friend will love.

All dog food protein used in these meals and treats is 100% Australian Ingredients . You may be tempted by the Hunters Valley chicken or even the Tasmanian salmon - we support local businesses by using only home-grown ingredients. On top of that, all proteins are human grade too. This is first-class protein to ensure your pet receives only the best. They deserve it.

One of the reasons The Pet Shop Boyz was created was to give people a better option when it comes to their pet's health and wellness. Fillers, chemicals, and grains are incredibly over-used in mass-produced foods. It's just not the way dogs evolved to eat. They need fresh, raw, and nutritionally valuable meals. Somerford Raw & Natural Foods avoids all the nasties while offering you and your pet top-quality meals that deliver fantastic benefits.

Many Options When Purchasing Single Protein Dog Food

Some pets love variety, whilst others will eat the same meal over and over again with gusto. To help you shop for your dog, we've created multiple ways for you to place your order.

We offer single packs, as well as the option to buy multiple packs at once. You can even save 5% off your order by signing up for our Subscribe and Save option. With this, you no longer have to order when your food is low, we'll send you what you need on a schedule that suits you and your furry family. You can opt for a delivery every 7 days - or even up to every 56 days and anything in between. It's the perfect way to ensure a supply of the fresh food your pet adores.

All fresh pet foods are delivered using a temperature-controlled truck. These deliveries are sent from our warehouse every Tuesday and Thursday. All other items that don't require temp control are shipped on the next working day.

If you would like to stay informed of our latest news, product launches, and exclusive sales - simply sign up to receive our newsletter. You can also follow us on social media to find out how we are helping the Australian pet community.

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All Raw & Natural meal packs are 100% Australian made and owned

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All varieties are human graded single protein varieties made with all Australian sourced ingredients, formulating a naturally complete and balanced diet

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