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Beef Dog Food

Beef is an incredibly versatile ingredient and a favourite of dogs across the world. It can be treated in so many ways to create a wonderful array of textures and tastes, making it one of our most popular ranges. Read More

Somerford Raw & Natural Adult Dog Food New England Beef & Veg Pack + FREE Meaty Bones


Beef Liver Dog or Cat Treats


Beef Bully Sticks Dog Treats


Beef Neck Dog Bones fresh from the New England Grazing Area


Fresh Minced Beef Lung


Somerford Raw & Natural - Low Purine Adult Dog Food New England Beef & Veg Pack + FREE Meaty Bones


Somerford Raw & Natural Puppy Food New England Beef & Veg Pack + FREE Meaty Bones


Fresh Minced Beef Offal


Fresh Minced Beef Liver


Beef Jerky Dog or Cat Treats


Somerford Raw & Natural - Low Purine Puppy Food New England Beef & Veg Pack + FREE Meaty Bones


Somerford Raw & Natural - Dog Food Protein Boost Beef


Somerford Raw & Natural - SUPERFOODS Wagyu Beef & Goat Dog Food Pack + FREE Meaty Bones.


Raw Beef Dog Food Is Good for Your Pet

Raw beef for dogs contains essential vitamins and minerals necessary for health and wellness. It can be used to repair muscles and promote a healthy coat.

A dog's digestive system evolved to eat raw meat. It's part of their heritage and giving filler-filled chemical-laden mush just doesn't do the same job. Feeding raw meat gives pets more satisfaction from their mealtimes, and they will absolutely feel the benefits in their energy levels and vitality.

Somerford Raw & Natural Diet range uses a single protein in each meal. This keeps the taste and texture pure and caters to pets with allergies or other reactions to specific protein types.

These meals are created to include all the nutrition your pet needs - protein, healthy fats, fibres, vitamins, and minerals. Choosing a single-source lean protein will help boost your pet's fitness and vitality for longer.

Variety Of Beef Dog Food Available

Whether you're on the lookout for main meal type dishes or treats for good behaviour, we have the product that suits your needs. All beef used in these products is human grade, so you know you're giving your pet the best treats available.

Beef Bully Sticks Dog Treats are a dehydrated treat made from 100% Australian beef. They contain zero fillers, and zero artificial chemicals, making them a far healthier choice than other, more widely available treat options.

Somerfords Raw beef mince for dogs is full of essential nutrients that your furry family members need for optimal health & contains a naturally balanced ratio of meat, bone & offal as well as fruit & vegetables and natural wellbeing ingredients. Cow hooves for dogs are a safe way for your pet to enjoy the health benefits of marrow.

All beef products are sourced in Australia and are human grade foods. Our high standards when it comes to ingredients mean you and your pet will benefit greatly from their raw and natural diet.

Ordering Your Raw Beef for Dogs

If your pet adores the taste of our single protein beef dog food, then why not opt for our subscribe and save package? You'll receive a regular delivery at intervals that suit you. If you have more than one pet that enjoys the fresh, raw dog food, and natural dieting you can also order firm favourites in bulk. With The Pet Shop Boyz, you get to choose the volume of food you need to save time and money.

All orders over $89 are eligible for free delivery, orders under this value are subject to a standard delivery charge. We deliver your fresh human-grade raw beef for dogs in a temperature-controlled vehicle to maintain the high-quality standards your furry companion deserves.

We're constantly developing our range and bringing your pet more of the raw and natural food they love. To stay in the loop with new product launches and exclusive sales, sign up for our newsletter. You can also follow our story on social media to find out how we're helping pets in Australia live healthy and fulfilling lives.

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Proudly Australian Made

All Raw & Natural meal packs are 100% Australian made and owned

100% Raw & Natural

No Grains, Fillers, Chemicals, Colouring, Preservatives, Heat Processing

Human Grade Single Protein

All varieties are human graded single protein varieties made with all Australian sourced ingredients, formulating a naturally complete and balanced diet

Product of Australia

All Raw & Natural meal packs are made from 100% Australian produce