Healthy Raw Puppy Food Australia

Naturally complete & balanced Somerford Raw & Natural Puppy formula will grow your pups to their full potential.
For optimum bone growth and development we recommend that you feed a selection of Somerford Raw & Natural Puppy & Baby Puppy Varieties from 6 months until your pup reaches 12 months of age. (for pups under 6 months see our Baby Puppy Varieties)
If your pup is a giant or large breed we recommenced not changing to adult varieties until at least 18 months as they are still growing.
With the right nutrition puppies grow in proportion with their development, which all leads to less health issues later in life.
Our Puppy formula ratios are as follows - 
Meat content is made up as 80% muscle meat / 10% bone / 10% offal 
Puppy varieties 70% meat + 30% fruit & vegetables

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