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Signs of Allergies in Dogs

Foot Licking
Itchy, Smelly & Yeasty Ears
Red Irritated Skin
Hot Spots
Runny Poos
Knowing what you are ACTUALLY FEEDING your pet is the first step in identifying a food allergy.
Most commercially made Pet foods, whether Dry Kibble, Canned Food or Raw Diets are made from a mix of different proteins (ie Meats).
The most common proteins for a dog to be allergic to is chicken or beef, these proteins are also the most common ingredients in most commercially made pet foods.
Even if the food you are feeding your pet states that its “Lamb” for example, when you actually read the ingredients list you will most likely find that it includes other proteins to reduce the cost of making the food. Look for things in the ingredients like meat or poultry by-products & meals, these are basically the scraps that are left over after the usable meats have been processed and can contain anything from the knackery floor.
Your dog may also be reacting to the high levels of starch, carbohydrates & sugars in a Dry Kibble diet these are known to cause inflammation and yeast issues resulting in scratching, itchy red skin, hot spots, yeasty smelly ear infections, paw chewing, licking & runny poos, even if you are feeding a Canned food or Raw diet the mix of proteins & added preservatives can also be an issue that can cause a reaction in your pet.
So how do you identify what your pet is allergic too?
This is where an elimination diet comes in.
An elimination diet means that you are eliminating all other proteins ie meats, bones & treats out of your dogs diet except one protein, this protein needs to be one that your dog doesn’t normally eat, this is called a novel protein.
You need to feed absolutely no table scraps, no biscuits, no treats other than the ones provided in our pack as they have no artificial additives, preservatives, or colourings as this can also cause allergy issues. You need to consider EVERYTHING that your dog eats, as even the smallest variation from the elimination diet can cause your pets allergies to be triggered.
You will need to maintain this diet for a minimum of 6 weeks to see some relief.


To make this process easier we have created a choice of two
Somerford Elimination Diet Packs,
One Fish & the Other Kangaroo, both these proteins are known to be low allergenic. And all the Somerford Products included in these packs are Human Grade Australian Ingredients & Single Protein, containing nothing artificial, all our varieties contain probiotics & prebiotics for improved gut health. You don’t need to add anything.
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