Australias Leading Natural Raw Dog & Raw Pet Food


Here at Somerford Raw & Natural we understand our food can only be as good as the ingredients we use to make it!

Our chicken and turkey comes from the Hunter Valley, lamb and beef from the New England Grazing areas,

Australian game meat kangaroo, farm fresh duck and salmon from the clean waters of Tasmania & Port Stephens barramundi.

In addition, we use top quality fruit and vegetables, along with natural supplements, to give a natural and complete diet for your loved one.

Feed your pet what they were born to eat!


Our recipes are based on the wild dog diet - a diet that dogs have eaten over thousands of years. Many modern day dry foods contain cereal products as their main ingredients. And a dog’s digestive system does not cope well with a high cereal diet.

Somerford Raw & Natural Complete Pet Food gives your dog exactly what they were born to eat, fresh raw meat, bone, offal & some vegetable & fruit matter. Dogs fed a raw diet are able to digest and process raw food more easily, absorbing more nutrition and healthy benefits during the digestive process.



Protein in a dog’s diet should come from real meat, minced bone and organ meats.

Carbs and fibre should come from vegetable matter and fermented fruit.



Somerford Raw & Natural Complete Pet Food gives your dog exactly what they were born to eat.

And when combined with our meaty bones and tasty treats, they have a naturally complete and satisfying diet.



Change your pet’s life.

Contact us for personal recommendations for your pet.



Our ever-expanding range of single protein selections currently includes -





We are the ONLY raw pet food company that has two types of puppy formulations - one Baby Puppy is an early stages formula for pups up to 4/5 months of age that provides more calcium to support the fast growth in the first months of life, and another Puppy formulation for older pups up to 12 months of age. 


Meat content is made up as 80% muscle meat / 10% bone / 10% offal 
Baby Puppy varieties 80% meat + 20% vegetables
Puppy varieties 70% meat + 30% fruit & vegetables
Adult varieties 70% meat + 30% fruit & vegetables
Protein Boost is 100% meat made up the ratios above

Our Ratios for Low Purine formula
Turkey & Salmon - Meat content is made up as 90% muscle meat / 10% bone 
Beef - Meat content is made up as 85% muscle meat / 5% green tripe / 10% bone 
Puppy varieties 70% meat + 30% fruit & vegetables
Adult varieties 70% meat + 30% fruit & vegetables

Cat Varieties

82% meat, fat, skin, sinew, connective tissue & heart / 7% edible bone / 5% liver, 5% other secreting organs / 1% spinach.

We also specialize in providing single protein formulas, helping pets who have allergies and sensitivities.

Somerford Raw & Natural Complete Pet Food is made fresh by our in-house experienced butchers.

We prepare the product, so we know what goes in it - only 100% fresh and 100% human grade ingredients.

Somerford Raw & Natural Complete Food comes with FREE delivery to your door.

Areas covered include Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast, Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Canberra, Goulburn, Cooma, Kiama, Nowra, Batemans Bay, Albury, Wadonga, Taree, Foster, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Wagga Wagga, Dubbo, Tamworth, Armidale, Tweed Heads, Gold Coast, Ipswich & Brisbane.

Most Areas from Melbourne to Brisbane & Sunshine Coast, Adelaide Metro & everywhere in between!

If you’re not sure if you are in our delivery area please feel free to call us on 0249 600 708

and we will try and make it possible for your pet to have the benefits of Somerford Raw & Natural.


Raw Dog & Pet Food Delivery in Newcastle & The Central Coast.

Our company is based in Mayfield West Newcastle, so if you find yourself pressed for time & are unable to come to and visit our store in person, we are happy to offer a fast & effective delivery service to all areas of Newcastle & the Central Coast for delivery of your Raw Dog & Pet food as well as other pet products that you may need from our store.


Raw Dog & Pet Food Delivery in Sydney & Wollongong.

We offer a quick and convenient delivery service to all areas of Sydney & Wollongong. We have many regular customers for our Raw Dog & Pet Food in the inner-city suburbs of Sydney, The Northern Beaches areas and all the way to outer regions of Richmond or the Western Suburbs & everywhere in between. We also service all the way south to cover Wollongong and the surrounding areas.


Raw Dog & Pet Food Delivery in Canberra.

We provide a fast & effective delivery service of our Raw Dog & Pet Food to all suburbs of Canberra & most areas of the ACT. We dispatch orders from our Warehouse in Newcastle Monday to Wednesday of each week ensuring fast delivery and no weekend delays.


Raw Dog & Pet Food Delivery in Melbourne.

Somerford Raw & Natural Dog & Pet Food offers free delivery on all orders over $60 to our many customers in Melbourne. We have delivery services all areas of Melbourne CBD, residential areas & surrounding suburbs as well as the outer regions of Geelong & south to The Mornington Peninsula. If you would like our naturally complete Raw Dog & Pet Food delivered on a regular basis, please have a look at our subscription offer which saves you 5% on all subscription products.


Raw Dog & Pet Food Delivery to the Gold Coast & Brisbane.

Our online orders come by an express delivery service to most areas in Brisbane & the Gold Coast, our Raw Dog & Pet Food is packed in freezer boxes with ice packs to ensure your order arrives to your door chilled & fresh. Whether your feeding a new baby puppy, kitten or an adult cat or dog or a senior pet our Somerford Raw Dog & Pet Food varieties has the perfect formula for your pet.


 Raw Dog & Pet Food Delivery to Adelaide.

Our big expansion in delivery areas due to our new refrigerated freight service now means we can service South Australia in the Adelaide area. Raw feeding has never been so easy for your Puppy, Dog or Cat, just order online & we pack your selection & deliver it right to your door.


 Raw Dog & Pet Food Delivery to Perth Metro.

We now deliver to the West Coast with our refrigerated freight service now covering Perth Metro, Geraldton & Bunbury areas. We offer delivery to your door on our full range of BARF Puppy, Dog or Cat, just order online & we do the rest.