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Turkey Dog Food

Following a raw diet for your pet allows your pet to eat the foods they evolved to love. It promotes multiple benefits - from oral health to the immune system, your pet will thrive on a raw diet that encourages their natural balance. Read More

Somerford Raw & Natural - Adult Dog Food Hunter Valley Turkey & Veg Pack FREE Meaty Bones


Turkey Neck Dog Bones fresh from the Farm


Somerford Raw & Natural - Low Purine Adult Dog Food Hunter Valley Turkey & Veg Pack + FREE Meaty Bones


Somerford Raw & Natural - Puppy Food Hunter Valley Turkey & Veg Pack + FREE Meaty Bones


Somerford Raw & Natural - Baby Puppy Food Hunter Valley Turkey & Bone Pack + FREE Meaty Bones


Turkey Drumstick Dog Bones fresh from the Farm


Somerford Raw & Natural - Low Purine Puppy Food Hunter Valley Turkey & Veg Pack + FREE Meaty Bones


Phoenix - Grain Free Turkey, Duck & Chicken


Meals For Mutts - Puppy Turkey, Salmon & Sardine


Turkey Thigh Dog Bone fresh from the Farm


Turkey Wing Dog Bones fresh from the Farm


Somerford Raw & Natural - Dog Food Protein Boost Turkey


Turkey Neck Dog Treats


Meals For Mutts - Puppy Turkey & Chicken Grain Free


Turkey Wing Pieces Dog Treats


Raw Turkey Dog Food Has Many Health Benefits

Dogs, just like humans, have their own preferences when it comes to taste and texture. And when given the chance, most - if not all - will leap for joy at the chance to eat the vibrant flavours of a natural dog food and raw diet.

Raw turkey dog food provides a source of lean protein that helps keep them in shape, whilst removing unnecessary fillers and chemicals from their diet. Generic and mass-produced dog food just doesn't compare!

Somerford Raw & Natural Diet turkey dog food contains a scientific balance of meat, bone and offal, vegetables, fibre, healthy omega fats, as well as essential vitamins and minerals. This unique blend takes care of your pet's nutritional needs for health and vitality.

Why Choose Somerford Single Protein Turkey Dog Food?

A single source of protein allows you greater control over the foods that you give to your pets. Not all animals can easily digest multiple proteins, so it's far easier to choose the best meals when there's only one protein source.

Somerford Raw & Natural Diet meals are specially prepared with ingredients sourced right here in Australia. Whether you're choosing turkey mince for dogs or turkey neck treats, the turkey we use is sourced from the Hunter Valley. Tracing meat back through the supply chain allows us to ensure our high standards are met for each and every batch.

We believe pets should have the same access to healthy meals as humans - that's why all of our proteins are 100% human-grade. Using the highest quality ingredients to create our delightful dishes keeps your dog fit and healthy, with a luscious coat and great oral health.

Our raw turkey dog food is filler, chemical, preservative, and grain-free. That means you're giving your furry friend the best meals available, that are both tasty and health conscious.

We work in partnership with holistic vets and pet industry specialists to ensure we are promoting pet plans with real benefits. We are an independent retailer with decades of experience, ready to help you make the best choices for your pets. As proud members of the Pet Industry Association (PIA), we are dedicated to giving pets the protection and love they deserve.

Ordering Your Turkey Dog Food

To give you as much choice as possible, you can now make a one-time purchase or choose to save 5% with our Subscribe and Save option. Meals can be purchased in multiple pack sizes, so you can stock up on your pet's favourite flavours.

We offer free delivery across Australia for orders over $89 . To ensure we deliver to your area please use our postcode checker before placing your order. If you do find that we don't yet cover your area, you can easily reach us by phone or through our online contact form. We're happy to discuss the options so your pet doesn't miss out.

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Proudly Australian Made

All Raw & Natural meal packs are 100% Australian made and owned

100% Raw & Natural

No Grains, Fillers, Chemicals, Colouring, Preservatives, Heat Processing

Human Grade Single Protein

All varieties are human graded single protein varieties made with all Australian sourced ingredients, formulating a naturally complete and balanced diet

Product of Australia

All Raw & Natural meal packs are made from 100% Australian produce