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Cow Hooves for Dogs

As every dog owner knows, each one has a unique personality - their preferences vary. If your dog loves to chew, a cow hoof for dogs is an excellent way to channel that energy away from the furniture and shoes. Read More

Cow Hooves Dog Treat Stuffed with Frozen Somerford Raw & Natural Ultra Premium Dog Food


Cow Hooves Dog Treats 8 Pack


Stuffed Cow Hooves Dog Treats - 2 Pack


Are Cow Hooves Good for Dogs?

Chewing is mentally stimulating for dogs. Offering hooves for dogs combines a tasty treat and a challenge - as well as multiple health benefits.

Cow hooves for dogs are a natural, preservative-free way to maintain your pet's oral health. As they nibble and gnaw, the tough material helps scrape the surface of the teeth, removing plaque and tartar. Dental problems can be a costly and emotional experience, but using natural dog treats that encourage healthy teeth is a cost-effective and fun way to keep on top of it before it becomes a problem.

If your pet isn't much of a chewer, they may not get the same satisfying experience as others who love to gnaw. However, because cow hooves for dogs are hollow, they can be used to contain other, softer treats.

The Pet Shop Boyz offers pre-filled cow hooves, so you can experiment with the flavours your pet loves to find within that tough shell. You can opt for seafood, chicken, or beef-filled cow hooves - or you can purchase empty hooves for dogs. This way you can fill it with your own treats - some examples are peanut butter, or even freezing some water in there for a cooling delight in the summer.

Enthusiastic Chewers Will Love Hooves for Dogs

If your pet is particularly intense whilst chewing, they may be able to break the hoof. However, most dogs can enjoy the treat without doing serious damage to the treat. These are designed to be long-lasting and to provide hours of entertainment for your pet as they grapple with the challenge and enjoy the multiple textures of a filled hoof.

At The Pet Shop Boyz, you have the choice of ordering a small number of hooves, empty or filled, or you can purchase in bulk if you have a full house of avid chewers. We also give you the option to purchase through subscribe and save.

Subscribe and save reduces the cost by 5%. You can also save time by setting up a delivery schedule that suits your - and your pet's - needs. On top of that, you'll never face having to explain to your furry family why there's none left!

Order Your Hooves for Dogs Today

Because a cow hoof for dogs is a hard material, you might be asking yourself are cow hooves good for dogs? The sensory feedback of gnawing on the hard material boosts your pet's mental well-being, whilst the ability to scoop in some delicious natural dog food allows for texture variation and additional treats.

You can order your all-natural, 100% Australian beef cow hooves right here. We ensure our treats are preservative and chemical free, for peace of mind that you're giving only the best quality to your furry friend.

Orders over $89 are delivered to you with no extra shipping charges. To stay up to date with new products, and get access to members-only sales, why not sign up to receive our newsletter? We'll keep you in the loop as we expand our range and add more of the good quality natural raw beef dog food that your pets love.

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