Dog & Pet Protein Packs

Somerford Raw & Natural "Pick a Protein Packs" are designed so you can order any combination of proteins you like in the one easy online pack.
Available in All 3 Life Stages of Dog Food 
Baby Puppy
Adult Dog
or Kitten & Cat Food
Or you can order a mix from all varieties, totally flexible packs designed to suit your needs.
You can select from our wide range of naturally complete & balanced single protein raw pet foods
Our varieties include - 
Lamb, Beef, Kangaroo, Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Salmon or Barramundi & Limited Edition Proteins
Ordering a pack is easy!
Just select your pack,
Select the pack size in the drop down menu 4, 8 or 14 
Leave a note in the comments section what you would like us to put in your pack.

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