Somerford Raw & Natural Protein Boost (No Fruit or Veg added)

Somerford Raw & Natural Protein Boost contains much more than just minced meat. Our ingredients are single protein human grade meat, finely ground bone and cartilage, heart, liver and kidney, flaxseed oil, coconut oil and raw hemp seed oil, kelp powder and live probiotics.

Protein Boost has been designed for people who may be on a limited budget, or for people who wish to combine our raw food with a good quality grain free kibble.
This is called mixed feeding - Protein Boost is not a complete diet.
Somerford Raw Protein Boost can be mixed in or added to a bowl of kibble, or fed for alternate meals to give your pet some variety in its diet.
While we do promote a completely raw diet as the best possible nutrition for your pet, mixed feeding is certainly a more beneficial option than feeding raw kibble alone.
Somerford Raw Protein Boost is available in chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, kangaroo Beef or seafood varieties and also available in combination packs with our Somerford Raw & Natural Ultra Premium Pet Food varieties.
Our Protein Boost ratios are as follows -
80% muscle meat / 10% bone / 10% offal 

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