Grain-free Pet Food
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Grain-free Pet Food

Why Choose Grain-free Pet Food?

Your four-legged friend is a natural carnivore, and you can give them a biologically natural diet by switching to grain-free pet food. This switch will remove filler ingredients used in mainstream dog food and replace them with healthier, easier to digest fibres such as as sweet potatoes, pumpkin and green leafy vegetables. The Pet Shop Boyz is the local pet supply store that you can trust to find you the best grain-free food for your pet!

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Grain-Free Dog Food

Even when something is listed as grain-free, it is essential to ensure that it contains the appropriate ingredients to keep your pet healthy.

  • Balanced: Before purchasing, it is important to make sure the food is a "complete and balanced" diet. This balance ensures that your pet is still getting the vitamins and minerals it needs from grain-free dog food.
  • Carbs: Make sure to check the carbohydrate levels listed on the nutritional info. People assume grain-free means low carbs, but this isn't always true. If you accidentally purchase a high carb pet food, it can cause unintentional weight gain.
  • Smaller portions: Grain-free pet food is usually offset by an increased protein portion, which means your pet may need to eat less of it than other food. Watch your pet's weight during the first few weeks and adjust to smaller portion sizes if they begin showing noticeable weight gain.

Problems Grain-free Cat Food Addresses

Corn and wheat are not a part of a natural diet for cats, and they can cause various health issues during digestion.

  • Allergies: Pets can develop allergies at any point in life, and some of these allergies are due to common grains such as wheat and corn used in mass-produced food. By switching to a grain-free cat or dog food, you can help eliminate allergic reactions your pet might be facing.
  • Digestion: Natural fibres, such as sweet potatoes, are easier for animal stomachs to break down. These fibres make it suitable as a diabetic and sensitive stomach pet food because it limits digestion complications and stabilises glucose spikes.
  • Sensitive stomach: Some breeds are prone to a sensitive stomach, which can be caused by a variety of ingredients in regular pet food. Choosing a grain-free cat or dog food helps eliminate excess ingredients that may be causing indigestion.

Overall, switching to a natural diet can help relieve skin, stomach and health issues by increasing healthy fibres and removing filler ingredients that can be difficult for pets to digest.

About Pet Shop Boyz

Opening in 2005 the Pet Shop Boyz have been servicing Australia for almost 15 years. Our experienced staff makes up the cornerstone of our business with their excellent customer service. We are also founded on holistic principles and work to bring you locally sourced food whenever possible. Delivery is now an option for busy pet owners who want to feed their furry friends the best quality ingredients without the hassle of going to the store! Contact us to learn more about raw pet food for your cat or dog.

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