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If you already feed Somerford Raw & Natural you would be used to people saying to you "Wow .... your Dog has such a beautiful soft coat" & "How shinny you dog looks" these are the things that people notice.
But to look healthy on the outside your pet needs to be healthy on the inside & this comes from being fed a naturally complete & balanced food, because like Humans, our Pets cant be healthy on a poor & nutrient deficient diet.
Here at Somerford Raw & Natural we know exactly what your Pet needs to look & feel the best they can be.
Our food is much more than our 100% human grade Australian fruit & vegetables, fresh meat, bone & offal.
Heres a list of what else goes into making Somerford Raw Australia's Leading Raw Pet Food.
GINGER- An antioxidant and tonic to enhance digestive  health. Especially beneficial to older dogs whose digestive systems are a little sluggish.
GARLIC - In small amounts, garlic can be very beneficial to a  dog’s all round health, stimulating the immune system and in fighting bacteria, viral and fungal infections. Garlic detoxifies and when combined with brewer’s yeast helps to reduce fleas. (Baby Puppy Contains no Garlic)
FLAXSEED OIL – Containing Omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids, flaxseed oil encourages healthy skin and coats in animals with sensitive or sore skin.
HEMP SEED OIL - Contains essential fatty acids in the perfect ratio. Also contains Omega-6 fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This is crucial for your dog’s diet.
COCONUT OIL - has many health benefits across  your dog’s skin, digestive and immune systems, along with metabolic function and bone and brain health.
KELP POWDER - Kelp reduces itchiness in dogs with skin allergies and improves both skin and coat health. It’s also a natural flea repellant
BREWERS YEAST - Pets experience many benefits from brewer’s yeast. Rich in Omega fatty acids, B vitamins and antioxidants, brewer’s yeast enhances health, aids with flea control and improves the immune system.
LIVE PROBIOTICS - help restore digestive balance  in pets that have been on a course of antibiotics or drugs, eaten processed foods, along with allergy management.
PREBIOTICS - Our added minced fermented seasonal fruit and vegetables provide good enzymes (prebiotics) that provide food for live probiotics and help maintain good gut flora.
Somerford Raw & Natural is a fully Australian Owner & Operated Business, centrally located in Newcastle NSW.
Our team of Butchers produce the food in our own facility & order the produce fresh daily.
This way we have complete quality control over what goes into making our product & also have full control over the manufacturing process, ensuring the hygiene and integrity of our end product.
SOMERERFORD RAW & NATURAL - Changing Pets Lives !

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Proudly Australian Made

All Raw & Natural meal packs are 100% Australian made and owned

100% Raw & Natural

No Grains, Fillers, Chemicals, Colouring, Preservatives, Heat Processing

Human Grade Single Protein

All varieties are human graded single protein varieties made with all Australian sourced ingredients, formulating a naturally complete and balanced diet

Product of Australia

All Raw & Natural meal packs are made from 100% Australian produce