Is your Pet a Fussy Eater ……..
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Is your Pet a Fussy Eater ……..

Sometimes introducing a new food to your Dog or Cat can take a little perseverance, If you are finding that your Pet is needing a little encouragement to transition to Somerford Raw & Natural, here are some tips that will help…….

  • Some pets need a slow transition, we recommend feeding 80% of your pets’ regular food & 20% Somerford Raw. As you pet becomes used to the new flavour & texture increase the amount with each feed until you are feeding a completely raw diet.
  • Use the 15-minute rule, put your pet’s food down in front of them & walk away, if they haven’t eaten it in 15 minutes take the food away & put it back in the fridge, offer no other food or treats until the next mealtime & offer the same food again using the 15 minute rule. An animal won’t starve itself for long, sometimes you need to use a little tough love, like getting a child to eat its vegetable, sometimes you need to make them eat what is best for their health. If a pet has been feed high sugar & high carbohydrate, high calorie diet for a long time they may still want to eat the ”Junk Food” rather than the healthy option.
  • You can drizzle a little bone broth over the top of the food or mix in some grated cheese, both these are hard to pick out of the food & will encourage them to try the new flavour.
  • Lightly cooking or warming our food to room temperature can also be enticing as your pet maybe sensitive to the food being chilled. Lightly cooking our food will also help if your pet is having issues with an upset tummy as this will start to break down the food and will be easier to digest while your pets PH levels in their digestive system balance out. Pets that have been feed a dry food diet all their lives sometime have an unbalanced PH so also adding a teaspoon or two of Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother to the food will be beneficial as Apple Cider Vinegar contains the same PH levels as a healthy pets stomach & will assist in them digesting the food. Once your pet has adjusted to its new diet you can reduce the amount of cooking time until you are feeding a raw diet, as the heating process can remove up to 60% of nutrition, so feeding our food raw is most beneficial to your pet.
  • You may find that your pet may like another protein, Somerford Raw & Natural comes in 8 different single protein varieties as well as limited editions, so if you pet doesn’t take to the protein you have first offered try feeding a different one, we recommend for a naturally complete & balanced diet feeding as wide a range of proteins as possible as different proteins provide different nutrition values. It also helps keep your pet from becoming bored with eating the same food every day! Remember to rotate between Red Meat, Fish & Poultry on a regular basis.
  • Stick with it, your perseverance will pay off & you will have a happier & healthier raw fed pet, who will thank you by providing you with years of companionship & love as your reward!

Most pets take straight to Somerford Raw & Natural, even if they have tried another brand of raw pet food & didn’t like it, our food will temp even the fussiest eaters - see the review below

BREE B -11th Oct - I googled raw pet foods in Newcastle. I saw it two months ago when I was struggling to find something she would eat but I didn't bother because I had tried leading raw brand premade patties, leaps and bounds premade patties and big dog barf patties and she would not touch any of them! They even smelt terrible to my nose so I figured your raw would be the same and a waste of my time. Desperation got the better of me this week and I thought I'd just exhaust my last option not tried. Somerford raw smells NOTHING like any of the other pre made raw meals I have tried. It smelt appetizing to my own nose and smelt like nothing other than super fresh beautiful meat! She even devoured every last piece of the veggie bits in there that I was certain she'd leave behind! I am just so excited to find something she can be excited about eating.

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