Natural Pet Treats
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Natural Pet Treats

Trust The Pet Shop Boyz for Natural Pet Treats

Your furry friend is in for a nutritious surprise when you feed him or her natural pet treats. The Pet Shop Boyz is a proud supplier of healthy treat and pet food options for animals of all shapes and sizes.

The Importance of All-Natural Dog Treats

As fellow animal lovers, we understand that it’s often tough to find a comprehensive selection of high-quality, all-natural dog treats at your local pet shop. Here are a few reasons why we carry a wide range of these natural treats.

  • Benefits dental health: Holistic pet treats are a natural way to clean your pet’s teeth. Using organic products to support dental health, you help to prevent your pet from struggling with tooth decay. These healthy treats also contain calcium and phosphorous to add to strong teeth.
  • Better for digestion: A leading benefit of opting to use these types of treats: they are easier for your dog’s stomach to process. Instead of having to break down chemical ingredients that you likely cannot pronounce, your pup’s digestive system only needs to process a combination of vitamins or everyday ingredients that you probably eat yourself.
  • Assists in weight management: If your dog is overweight, you may think that eliminating treats will help with weight loss. The problem is that your dog will still look for something to chew on and may turn to shoes or other household items. Feeding your dog healthy snacks provides them with a good source of protein to boost their metabolism.

Fun Facts about Healthy Dog Treats

Here are some additional benefits to keep in mind while you are shopping for healthy dog treats.

  • Hormone-free: Many dog owners don’t realise that processed treats are filled with hormones and antibiotics. If your dog has been eating treats with antibiotics, their body may be less inclined to respond to a normal course of antibiotics because they have built up an immunity.
  • Less chance of allergic reaction: Does your dog have a sensitive stomach due to food allergies? Switching to holistic treats will come as a big relief to your pet.
  • Reduces joint inflammation: Natural treats help to give your dog the nutrients that they need to alleviate pain around their joints. As is the case for humans, discomfort around the joints can lead pets to a decrease in mobility and damaged tissue.

If you’ve thought about switching but didn’t have a complete understanding of the benefits of holistic goodies, now may be your moment.

Why You Should Buy from The Pet Shop Boyz

We strive to be your go-to distributor for healthy pet treats. When you shop with us, you can always anticipate the following.

  • Zip payment options: We don’t believe that you need to ruin your budget purchasing treats for your pet. Our online store offers the option of using Zip or After Pay as your payment method, which means that you can place your order now and pay the balance, interest-free, in small amounts.
  • Fish products: We make it easy for you to access healthy food products for animals other than just cats and dogs. Our company carries a great selection of fish pellets and flakes that your fish is sure to devour.
  • Snake repellent: Do you deal with an influx of snakes in your area? Our repellent gives off an ultrasonic pulse that humanely stops snakes in their tracks and keeps your family out of harm’s way.

Our team has plenty of experience in pet essentials, including holistic food and treat options and items to support the care of small mammals, birds, and reptiles.

About The Pet Shop Boyz

We are proud of our 15-year history as trusted pet professionals. Do you have questions? To speak to one of our healthy pet food suppliers, send us a message through our contact page.

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All Raw & Natural meal packs are 100% Australian made and owned

100% Raw & Natural

No Grains, Fillers, Chemicals, Colouring, Preservatives, Heat Processing

Human Grade Single Protein

All varieties are human graded single protein varieties made with all Australian sourced ingredients, formulating a naturally complete and balanced diet

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All Raw & Natural meal packs are made from 100% Australian produce