Other Brands vs Somerford Raw & Natural
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Other Brands vs Somerford Raw & Natural

You may have noticed some of the other big brands have recently changed their ingredients, added fillers & in our opinion, cut down on the quality of their product.

Prime 100 for example is now adding Bamboo Fibre to their ingredients, have lowered the amount of animal protein & customers are reporting a change in texture.

Big Dog is another example where they have changed meat / protein ingredients ratios. They also list water as an ingredient, and again we are hearing from customers there is a texture & palatability change.

Another Brand Nosh contains pasta & brown rice in some formulas.

Check feeding guides when purchasing a product, just because it maybe cheaper per kilo, doesn’t mean its cheaper to feed this product.

Varieties of Prime 100 are recommending feeding a
10kg dog 450g per day.
Big Dog recommend feeding a
10kg Dog 375gms per day.
Somerford Raws feeding guide for a
10kg Dog is 250gms per day.



Because our food is nutrient and calorie dense, so you get more nutrition & energy per kilo, so that equals you needing to feed less, so feeding less means our food lasts your dog longer, so equals more value per kilo.

Every ingredient is added for its nutritional benefit, to balance and create the perfect ratios for your dog’s optimal health.

We pride ourselves on producing a quality product from quality ingredients as we want your Pet to have the best.

Our food is an Ultra-Premium Product being that its only contains 100% Human Grade Australian Ingredients, no preservatives, or artificial additives, is naturally complete & balanced, and always single protein.

This means we don't mix cheaper meats into our mix, if you buy New England Beef you get only New England Beef, New England Beef Offal & New England Beef Bone, we don't mix it with cheaper proteins such as chicken or mix meat by-products.


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