Raw Bones for Dogs
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Raw Bones for Dogs

Raw Bones for Dogs Offer Many Benefits Including Extra Love

Raw bones for dogs can provide your best friend with better breath, a shinier coat, and much-needed mental stimulation. Your dogs’ instinctive need to chew is satisfied with a natural product that aligns with their dietary requirements. Pet Shop Boyz offers a wide range of raw bones for every size dog to focus their minds and energy while providing the nutrients they need.

Fast Facts About Raw Bones for Pets

The carnivorous nature of dogs is closely related to wolves in their desire to chew on bones. Wolves include the bones of their kill as part of their meal and your dog wants the same experience.

  • There are many minerals and nutrients found in raw meat bones beyond the exterior meat. They are an awesome source of calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals, which are missing in many processed food products.
  • Edible bones are ground up and included in ground raw products, providing additional nutrients essential for a healthy animal. Raw bones contain marrow that edible bones are lacking, making their inclusion in your pets’ diet essential for optimal health.
  • Dogs with digestive issues benefit from chewing on raw bones. The action of chewing produces saliva that cleanses their system along with the beneficial parts of the bone. This helps your pet maintain a consistent elimination schedule.

Feeding your dog a raw bone as a treat has positive health effects – not to mention the extra love you will receive in return.

Benefits of Raw Meat Bones

The benefits to your dog’s health will far outweigh any mess they make whilst consuming their bone. Using an old towel to designate an area for chewing adds training to their treat.

  • The chewing action provides mental stimulation for your dog, allowing them to focus their energy on chewing the bone and not your favourite pair of shoes. Providing an outlet for unfocused energy creates a better-behaved pet.
  • Raw bones are a natural toothbrush for your dog by removing tartar which can lead to gum disease and further complications. Giving your dog a raw bone once or twice a week will help prevent diseases and keep your pet healthier longer.
  • The natural state of raw bones void of chemicals and preservatives offers your pet a healthier snack option. Their bodies easily process the nutrients for softer coats, better breath and overall better health.

Why Trust Pet Shop Boyz Regarding Raw Meat for Dogs

Operating since 2005, we have been providing raw meat and other natural ingredients for pets, allowing them to grow and stay healthy. We focus on nutrition by offering a large range of raw products suitable for dogs, cats, and ferrets that develop a closer bond between you and your pet. We offer free delivery from Canberra up to the Sunshine Coast and our prompt delivery ensures your pet has the variety their diet requires.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions you have regarding our raw products and how they will benefit your pet. We will help you determine the best diet mix for your dog and welcome your feedback so we can further improve our products and services.

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