Raw Food Diet for Dogs
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Raw Food Diet for Dogs

How a Raw Food Diet for Dogs Provides All Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Switch to a raw food diet for dogs to ensure that your pups receive the nutrients that they require for healthy skin, a strong coat, and a balanced weight—all without supplements. A dog’s digestive system was designed to process a primarily meat-based diet, and it often struggles when their diet contains a lot of grains & starch instead.

Related Services We Provide to Raw Pet Food

  • At The Pet Shop Boyz, we carry Somerford Raw & Natural products and plenty of other holistic products for your beloved pets. We have raw pet food available for your dog, cat, and small animals.
  • We offer free delivery on orders over $60 and free delivery on all Somerford Raw & Natural Packs. We deliver to coastal areas from Melbourne to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Call us to see if we deliver to your area. We’ll deliver Somerford Raw & Natural Packs to your home in polystyrene freezer boxes.
  • We care about you and your pets, and we have pet care information sheets for many different types of pets. Combined, our staff members boast 150 years of experience in keeping, breeding, and showing a variety of animals.

Tips Regarding Raw Dog Food

Curious about raw feeding your dogs? The following are a few tips to get you started, and we have additional information in our Frequently Asked Questions.

  • When choosing raw food for dogs, it is essential to check the ingredient labels. Look for packages with a single protein source and no fillers or additives. If the packaging indicates that the primary protein is lamb, then lamb should be the only protein source in the ingredients. Puppy food should be higher in protein than the adult version to support your puppy’s fast growth. Puppy raw food should also feature finely minced bone and cartridge to optimise calcium absorption for your puppy’s growing bones and teeth.
  • We do find most pets absolutely love raw food and take to their new diet with total enthusiasm for their new healthy food, needing no encouragement or transition feeding at all! But If you pet is not used to a raw diet a slow transition to a raw food diet maybe needed. A slow switch allows their digestive system to adjust to the new food. To make the switch, combine their regular diet with an increasing amount of raw food until they are only eating raw. Refer to the raw food product guidelines for suggested amounts to feed your dog. Do not be alarmed if your dog drinks less water: raw food is higher in moisture than kibble and your dog will not need to drink as much water.
  • When switching to a raw diet, monitor your dog’s stool. Initially. Once your dog is eating a fully-raw diet, you may notice that they poop less frequently or with lower volume. Since raw food does not contain fillers and grains, there is less waste for their bodies to eliminate.

What You Should Know About Raw Puppy Food

The key to encouraging a healthy raw food diet for your puppy or adult dog is ensuring that their food contains natural ingredients. That’s why we carry Somerford Raw & Natural products. A few puppy food considerations:

  • Your dog’s diet should be preservative- and additive-free with no meat by-products or allergens like wheat, corn, or rice. By eliminating these things from your puppy’s diet, you reduce the chances of allergies and other health issues.
  • Somerford Raw & Natural products are Australian-made with local ingredients. They contain meat, fruit, and vegetables that provide essential vitamins and minerals for your puppy’s growth and development. Raw diets include organ meats as they are higher in vitamins and minerals, and they ensure that your dog has healthy skin, a glowing coat, and overall wellbeing.
  • Raw food diet for puppies gives them the support that they need to grow into healthy, happy adults. Raw food reduces the incidence of growth disorders and ensures that puppies develop at the right pace. It also supports their immune system function, which is essential for reducing incidences of gastrointestinal worms.

Why a Customer Should Use a Raw Diet for Puppies

Your puppy will benefit from a raw food diet in the following ways.

  • Your dog’s short digestive system was not designed to digest large amounts of fibrous plant material. Meat is much easier to digest and can assist in naturally treating dietary and skin issues.
  • Improved nutrition – The ingredients in raw pet food are not cooked, so they maintain their nutritional integrity. Your pet can receive and utilise all the nutrients that they require without the addition of synthetic vitamins and minerals.
  • Healthier teeth and coat – Classic kibble have a limited impact on your dog’s teeth as it only scrapes plaque off the surface. Chewing raw meats and bones not only removes plaque but also massages gums and increases circulation. Raw food contributes to a healthy coat and skin by providing essential fatty acids and eliminating common allergens such as corn, wheat, and soy.

Why Trust The Pet Shop Boyz Regarding Raw Diet for Dogs?

The Pet Shop Boyz has been in operation since 2005, focusing on the best ways to support your pet’s health and wellbeing. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the critical role that natural products can play in the health of our pets.

Contact us to discuss how a raw food diet can support your beloved pet.

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