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Reviews From Our Customers

Vanessa Hicks 23rd Oct - I used to feed raw using another commercial brand but love the mixture of human grade ingredients from Somerford Raw, as do my 2 x Aussie Shepherds.
They are always available to chat on messenger and their customer service is amazing, (That’s the Somerford Raw team, not the dogs. I’ve not taught them to use a keyboard yet).
Pups loved the extra bonus bones too.
Highly recommend this brand if you love your pets! 👋👋👋
Lauren Drummond 12 Oct - The best pet food! My little dachshund loves it. We have tried other raw food brands and they just don’t compare. 10/10
Amanda Perry 6 March - Thank you Anne for the wonderful advice on starting my first litter on raw. They are thriving and their coats are amazing. The little noises they make when eating tells me how much they love it ❤
Kym Annette 24 Aug - I have a Dalmatian puppy 10 months old who needs low purine diet.. I’m very happy to say somerford low purine meals are perfect.. takes out the hassle of doing raw myself everyday .. we tried him this arvo and he ate everything.. considering he is a fussy eater this is perfect as nothing was left behind.
Samantha Patterson-Ross 25th July -  recommends The Pet Shop Boyz.
I switched my 7 month old weim from kibble to raw puppy food from pet shop boyz. Can't recommend them enough! He now loves meal time, the bulk packs are great value, easy and I feel confident he's getting all the nutrition he needs as a fast growing large breed. His coat looks amazing, so shiny and his flaky skin has gone. They have also been super helpful and quick in responding to any questions I have and delivery was fast and free. Customer for life, if I could give more than 5 stars I would! Thanks Pet Shop Boyz!
DARIEN STEVENSON 5th July - I have started my dogs on your raw food, one is an English Cocker Spaniel and the other a Cocker x. I have always made their food myself, but an injury meant I couldn't cook it up for them, so I reluctantly did a search and made my first order Somerford Raw & Natural and both my dogs loved it. Thank you :) 
SUE FLANAGAN 18th April - Our 2.5yr old Wheaten Terrier (Bailey) is absolutely loving his new Somerford diet! The added touch of the free meaty bones and treats makes the whole package worthwhile. and Bailey is one very happy pupper!
JULIE MADDAMS - 19th Sept This is my second order of your produce. I have struggled to find a complete diet for my rescue dog who suffers anxiety and major skin issues and gut health  (due to past life of abuse) . My daughter,  a dog mum herself, researched and recommended you . After one month my dog Rosie has ceased related issues with gut/ bowel , her coat has become “alive” soft, healthy and vibrant , her skin has calmed and all of these positive outcomes are now allowing her to feel less anxious and nervous. You have made an immense  difference to her life and mine. Thankyou for your brilliance  in what you do and for what you believe; to give deserving animals a product worthy ; from your obvious compassion diligence commitment and honesty. Thankyou  with Regards from Rosie the dog & Julie
PAM MCINTOSH - 9th Sept - Hi I thought I might just give you some feedback about my experience. I am a new customer and am really happy with my dogs progress on your food. Without boring you with all the details, let's just say we have had a very long and painful history of allergic/skin issues leading me to make my dogs food - the panacea to her issues. I stumbled across your site and gave you guys a go, simply because I wasn't sure she was getting all she needed nutritionally - and I am so glad I did! We trialled a weeks worth of food, and absolutely no reactions to the duck and veg mix (my dog is allergic to most common meats). I am absolutely convinced a raw food diet is the way to go! No more goopy ears, no more incessant licking of her feet, no more skin fold issues (she's a pug), no more scooting, no more smelliness....honestly, it has been the biggest nightmare trying to work out a good solution for her. The best thing about this.....I don't have a freaking vet telling me to put her on costly tablets or injections to ease her discomfort! God only knows what it was doing to her insides! And, when buying in bulk it is about $3/day for her - the cost of a can of tuna (the food she was on). I will add this, if anyone baulks at the cost of feeding raw.....let me just say this....factor in the cost of the vet's solutions to fixing your dog and it comes out way cheaper! Anyway, happy customer! Just signed up for a subscription.....THANK YOU!
MEAGHAN FLYNN 7th Aug - Have been looking for a pre made raw that ticks all the boxes since my raw journey started a year ago. From the beginning, I felt so guided and supported...they answered all my questions with such knowledge and I felt really good about making my first purchase. It arrived in a few days and live in Melbourne! I was utterly blown away by the freshness and quality, and the smell!!! I know it sounds strange being dog food, but it smelt better than my dinner that night! Koda is thriving on this food and I’ll continue to fill her body with goodness thanks to these guys! Thanks so much for providing us with such a quality product, you should be so proud of all you do for our fur babes. Meaghan
Our 22 week old Labradoodle loves your food. We are in Victoria and liked the idea of buying local so we tried something else for a week and he got his first upset tummy so we are back to your food. It is so fresh and healthy🐶
ERIN MENSCH 23rd April - My boxer loves this food. With his heart problems and all the medications this food has made my life a lot easier as I can hide all the medications in the food and he eats it all !! He is such great condition overall and with his condition I have experienced less fluid build up which is a condition from his heart , less bloating , shine on his coat and a lot more energy for a dog with a heart condition. I struggled prevously with making all his food from scratch but now i don't have to. Delivery is only a few days and its still frozen when it arrives and he loves his bones as a little treat !!
Thanks to the team 👍
AMY BRYANT 20th April - Somerford raw food is such high quality it’s all natural and no preservatives which I love. My puppy loves it. He will come back inside and wait for it it’s his favourite part of his meals.
Daniel is so lovely and always happy to chat and explain everything to you and has so much passion and knowledge.
Thankyou pet shop boyz
HANNAH MATHESON 12th March - The Pet Shop Boyz are nothing short of accomodating. As soon as I ask for the food to be sent earlier, later, a new flavour, smaller or larger it’s done instantly! Facebook messages are always answered so quickly! It’s personal & a great product for my fussy dog! He is now eating more than ever! Thank you so much 😊
KAREN RUSSELL 5th March - We started our nearly 6week old pups on the turkey, chicken & duck puppy mixes. They are loving their puppy food as much as our adult dogs love their Somerford adult mixes. Highly recommend 😀
CHEREE LANEYRIE 26th Feb - Fantastic fresh produce delivered for my 2 staffy pups.
They just absolutely loved all the different varieties.
Prompt delivery which is Free, What a bonus.
Excellent customer service.
Great advice from them anytime, nothings ever a problem they are always happy to answer any questions about feeding your furbabies.
DANIELLE DAVEY 30th Dec - quality product. we have seen a big difference in our dog's mood since starting- much more settled and content. improved bowel function as well.
MONICA ROUSE 26th Nov - I just received my first order of assorted treats 2 days after ordering. wonderful service and comunication. Best bonus is my Labradoodle Sammy LOVES the treats. Five star company, well done Somerford 👍🤩🐾🐾🐾
Suzanne Evans - 23 Nov 2019 - The food is top quality and the dogs love every flavour. Currently they’re also loving the fish pellets as treats. My last delivery arrived late as it took 4 days to arrive, on the 4th day it spent the day on the doorstep on a hot QLD day. When I opened the box it was warm and a bit stinky (was late due to bush fires causing delays to transport) I messaged to let them know and they agreed to fully replace the order without me asking. Their customer service is definitely top notch 👌🏻Thoroughly recommend these guys for quality food and excellent customer service
Meiwa Liu - 1 Nov 2019 - This is my very first time to provide review on a product, I'm too lazy most of the time no matter how good or bad the product was - but this time I thought to share. I've a 8 year old post IVDD surgery dachshund, she is always a fussy eater and will not eat the same food twice. Ever since I switched her food to this diet, we no longer having any issue with her not eating. Health wise we see a significant improvement - she is more active, her coat is shininier and her eyes are no longer dull. The ordering system is easy and the customer service is more than awesome. Highly recommended!
BREE B -11th Oct - I googled raw pet foods in Newcastle. I saw it two months ago when I was struggling to find something she would eat but I didn't bother because I had tried leading raw brand premade patties, leaps and bounds premade patties and big dog barf patties and she would not touch any of them! They even smelt terrible to my nose so I figured your raw would be the same and a waste of my time. Desperation got the better of me this week and I thought I'd just exhaust my last option not tried. Somerford raw smells NOTHING like any of the other pre made raw meals I have tried. It smelt appetizing to my own nose and smelt like nothing other than super fresh beautiful meat! She even devoured every last piece of the veggie bits in there that I was certain she'd leave behind! I am just so excited to find something she can be excited about eating.
BROOKE CARPENTER 20th Sept - Couldn’t recommend The Pet Shop Boyz highly enough! Great range of products, hassle free ordering and shipping and staff who are always happy to help!!
ASHLEY MAYBERRY 17 April - Super impressed with my first online purchase! The Somerford Raw came perfectly frozen as if I’d driven to the shop and purchased from the freezer! Will definitely be ordering online again. The team are so prompt with messages and super helpful. If you’re after a pet shop with an awesome team, great service and excellent range of pet food you need to visit The Pet Shop Boyz!
ASHLEY SHAW 16th April - Super impressed with my first online purchase! The Somerford Raw came perfectly frozen as if I’d driven to the shop and purchased from the freezer! Will definitely be ordering online again. The team are so prompt with messages and super helpful.
SHEENA HOUSTON 4th March - We have both our cat and new puppy on Somerford raw food, noticed a massive difference with our 8yo tabby when we made the switch and wouldn’t choose to feed them anything else now! Havent had a flavour they havent hovered up and they also love all the raw treats.Every time we go into The Pet Shop Boyz with questions Chris and the staff are extremely knowledgeable and always happy to help. Thank you!
SAMANTHA CURRAN 13 March I just recently bought my 8 month old rotti the deluxe puppy pack and she has demolished every meal. Being a large breed I was very cautious of Millie’s diet and wanted to provide her with the best nutrients and proteins for optimum joint support and overall health and now my mind is at ease knowing all of Somerford Raw meals provide Millie with the best nutrition possible. Their service is amazing and they are always willing to answer any questions I have  definitely recommend!!
BRIONY JOHNSTON 12 January - Hi there! Thank you so much for this lovely email! I’ve shopped in store quite a few times and my Cavoodle Binky is a big fan of the Somerford Raw food! 
Yesterday was the first delivery order we’ve had in about a year and it was incredible - I ordered online in the morning and it was there by the afternoon. This was amazing service and we are so grateful! We’ve always had such pleasant experiences in store at The Pet Shop Boyz, and that has continued with home delivery. 
Thank you everyone! 
KIRRILY MALCOLM recommends Somerford Raw & Natural Dog Diet.29 September we own two great Danes with extremely sensitive stomachs and have spent the last couple of years trying many brands of dog food with no real results. Our big girl Mia became very sick with bloat in January this year and ended up having emergency surgery to tack her stomach and remove her twisted spleen. Since being on Somerford both dogs are calmer, happier and we don't have anymore upset tummies. Since we are feeding two large dogs the guys at Somerford have helped with keeping costs down by making a 50/50 mix of lamb and protein mix.We used to pick up our meals but now get bulk packs delivered to our door as we have moved further away.I cannot recommend Somerford Raw & Natural Dog Diet enough. Mia and Harper recommend it as well
NICOLE TAYLOR recommends Somerford Raw & Natural Dog Diet.23 September My pooch has been on the Somerford raw diet for a week and the changes have been amazing. Her coat is shiner, her eyes are bright and best of all she hasn’t farted in a week! Customer service is amazing. They are so passionate about their products and can answer any questions you have.
TAMMY BAXTER recommends Somerford Raw & Natural Dog Diet.21 September y dogs absolutely love this food. Only been 3 days & their poos are smaller. I made a comment about the quality of ur food on a raw & fresh post... I can no longer comment on any post of theirs.... says alot if u ask me. 😁💓 keep up the good work! 👍
SAMANTHA KAY of KAYSADALE FARM recommends Somerford Raw & Natural Dog Diet.1 SeptemberThe staff at The Pet Shop Boyz have been so extremely helpful in educating myself and clients of the benefits of their products, we can’t thank you enough. The dogs and pups are thriving!
AUDREY YONG reviewed Somerford Raw & Natural Dog Diet – 5 star 9 JulyExceptional customer service in store and online. My puppys their food, we get her to try all different flavor she is happy with all. 100% will keep feeding her with Somerford food.
CHRISTINA REFSHAUGE reviewed Somerford Raw & Natural Dog Diet – 5 star 26 JuneMy dog came to me quite underweight and was a VERY fussy eater. I tried him on so many different foods all of which did not last. Finally we tried him on the Somerford raw diet and he is happy, healthy and growing. He gained weight rapidly and never turns down a meal! Salmon is definitely his favourite!
RUTH ARMSTRONG reviewed Somerford Raw & Natural - I have two dogs Bessie & Sox, Bessie used to be very fussy and not enjoy her food. She was also often having unexplained tummy upsets. Her tummy has been stable since being on her new Somerford Diet. Bessie also now loves her food & hasn't turned her nose up at a bowl of Somerford once. Sox will eat anything and does not have any health issues as such, but I have seen improvements in her energy levels. i just though of you again tonight while feeding the furkids. Bessie is finally eating well - she loves the Somerford Raw . I'm so grateful that you put us onto it. Both girls seem much healthier ( and solid poos ... yay!!)
MEL GRANSDEN & her dog Marley reviewed Somerford Raw & Natural - Marley was having a lot of skin issues, coat thinning and was never very enthusiastic about meal time. Since switching to Somerford Raw and Natural Marley's coat has thickened up, she's not getting itchy anymore and she now loves meal time. Marley as now being "borderline obsessed" with her food =)! That's a big change for a once picky eater who'd spit bits of her meal out here and there in the past. We recently got a new puppy... so I will be ordering more Somerford to set the new pup on the right track.
OLIVIA FROM PAWS ON PARADE reviewed Somerford Raw & Natural -  I initially started feeding my dog Shirley your product when I was investigating food intolerance issues. Most other pre-made raw mixes contain mixed proteins which makes it pretty hard to isolate intolerance issues. The variety of single protein options available is great. I also love that your mix has fermented vegetable matter, probiotics and omegas covered. Whilst I do sometimes dabble in making fresh meals and adding extra supplements, Somerford is my fallback staple so I know Shirley is getting everything she needs. Since being able to narrow down Shirley's protein intolerance to Lamb and Beef with the help of Somerford, we've had no more upset tummy or yeast issues...Hooray! Thank you Somerford Raw and Natural for producing such a premium and complete BARF product!  - Olivia & Shirley =)
BRIAN SILVER reviewed Somerford Raw & Natural Dog Diet - I needed a replacement order as the courier company was behind in deliveries because of public holiday, I received it within 24 hours of it being sent, just wanted to thank everyone that assisted in the matter, I am very happy with how you handled everything. Until the order arrived I had to use another brand of Raw food for a couple of days, after two feeds the dogs were reacting very poorly to it, the barf was very greasy, very messy, making the dogs scratch and also have an upset tummy but once I put them back onto the Somerford the issues were gone. In a way it worked out well for me as it gave him a chance to see a side by side comparison between the two types of Raw Dog Food and I am extremely happy with how well the Somerford performs.
MADDISON JADE MALONE reviewed Somerford Raw & Natural Dog Diet – 5 starSomerford Raw has been life changing to our bulldogs. I am apart of a bulldog rescue crew and we had a beautiful foster girl come into our care in Feb 18. The photo below is our Foster girl who was in such a bad way. Overweight, her coat was falling out in chunks, she has hotspots and bald patches everywhere, she had no appetite, her gum health and breath were terrible.. the list goes on.. We got her on the Somerford diet in Feb 18 (first photo) within a week we noticed a huge difference! Within 4 weeks she had lost weight and her coat started to become more shiny (middle photo) I would mention the word food and I swear she would run donuts around the house in excitement... The final photo was taken at the Start of the month, she is now in the best shape and health she has ever been in! We can’t thank Somerford enough for this amazing diet they have produced! Love your works guys!!!,  it’s now 3 months down the track and she looks like a completely different dog, her health is 100 % better as well as her skin, coat and personality!  Living Proof that Somerford Raw is amazing!! LOVE LOVE LOVE SOMERFORD RAW!!!
ALBA APARICIO reviewed Somerford Raw & Natural Dog Diet – 5 star 23 Aprilomg! i have 3 fussy cavaliers and for 5 years have been trying to find the right diet for them. I've tried raw before, but they just never took to it. I've had to handfeed them most times, no matter what food i cooked up for them. Their poos were so random that i even had my boy tested and found he couldn't have beef or chicken or rice ( which really limited what proteins and especially what dry food he could eat, as most dry food has some chicken or beef in it, no matter what flavour it was). Well, last week, i decided to give raw food one last try for them. i admit, i was sceptical, as i had tried pretty much every raw product locally and even from Sydney and all were a success for one or maybe two days and then they wouldn't even eat it handfed. (many times i had to either throw away or give away leftover raw food i had previously bought). Last week I started them on salmon as suggested and then mixed in lamb and am up to the kangaroo flavour. All i can say is that 7 days later (mixed in with their previous dry food) and pork mince ( which previously was cooked but now i am using it raw) until slowly i can take out their dry food and only leave the mince and Somerford raw ingredients , that it has amazed me that they are still eating it. Not only are they eating it but two out of three of my babies are eating out of their bowls (like a normal dog). One is just more stubborn and spoilt and expects to be handfed still but is loving it. Also if i had to rate their poos from 1(poor) to a 5(perfect), their poos have been a 5 for the last 4-5 days(which has never happened 5 days in a row ever!) And they don't stink like they used to. I never knew feed time could be so perfect. I cannot believe i didn't find Somerford Raw food earlier. Thank you


SONYA HOGAN reviewed Somerford Raw & Natural Dog Diet – 5 star 10 April My dog was so fussy when it came to meals and was causing much stress for him and me so l decided to try Somerford meals and ordered the lamb and vegetables. Overnight his appetite approved he ate all of his dinner which he never did he looked healthier and he ate it all up every night. It came in 4 containers so all l had to do was divide each container into 4 servings and get one serving out each day no more stressing about what to give him each night no worries about shopping for his dinner. It has also helped heaps with his bowels which was great for a older dog, and is by far the best and nutritious food for your dog thank you so much .


13 April Watching my Somerford Fed Puppy’s Grow.......My Name is Anne and I started working for Somerford Raw and Natural Ultra-Premium Pet Food about a year ago. My passion is my British Bulldogs, I both breed and show them, they are much loved house pets as well as competitive show dogs.Up until a year ago I knew nothing about raw feeding, my dogs were fed a kibble diet. I believed I was giving them everything they needed, as they were given supplements and table scraps on a regular basis. I had experienced what was considered "normal" especially in the bulldog breed as far as itchy skin, hot spots etc. At the time of starting work for Somerford I had bred two young pups which I had weaned onto a kibble and mince diet, same as I had always fed my Bulldog puppies. I decided to give Somerford Raw and Natural Ultra-Premium Dog Food a try since I wanted to see for myself if I could honestly recommend the product..... If it was really a better food for my dogs? The results were immediately noticeable, one of the pups who had digestion issues was better within two days of starting the food, both started pooing less as they were digesting more of the food. The growth was instant, gaining better bone structure, also there coats became thicker and more lustrous. They both just seemed healthier, more alert and more active. They are now 12 months old, never had a skin issue or a hot spot, amazing thick, glossy coats with lovely dark pigment around eyes and noses. Lovely bone structure and no puppy lameness. My girl is having great success in the show ring, my boy will be shown later in the year, Both pups are growing to their full potential being fed Somerford Raw, I will now continue to feed all my dogs on Somerford Raw and Natural as the benefits speak for themselves.


SARAH SUTTOR reviewed Somerford Raw & Natural Dog Diet – 5 star 3 December 2017I have a 9 week old British Bulldog, and as its my first bulldog I wanted to ensure I was establishing the best diet for her from the start. After much research and discussion with breeders, I decided to stick to a natural diet incorporating as much raw food as possible. I decided to try Somerford after reading great reviews and noting a lot of bulldog owners have had success with it. The ordering was easy, and it arrived so quickly in packaging that was conveniently ready to transition straight to my freezer. Because my girl is still tiny, I portioned out 1 container to her daily intake requirements and froze the rest. When I worked out the cost of ordering this food for her, compared to what I might spend buying ingredients to do a home made mix (plus the time to make it), I think affordability is a big plus. Finally, I feel confident knowing that if I have a question regarding the product or any facet regarding shipment, messages are responded to quickly - even on weekends!


ALETA SHEIL reviewed Somerford Raw & Natural Dog Diet – 5 star 14 December 2017Our large dog Casper loves the Somerford Raw food. We walk him every morning and it is easy to "clean up after him" when he eats this food! He is happy, healthy and just loves it. It is a delight to see how eager he is to eat his Somerford food dinner! Recommending this to all my friends with doggo's.


CHRISTINE CORMACK reviewed Somerford Raw & Natural Dog Diet – 5 star 4 December 2017I volunteered at the recent Dog Lovers Show in Brisbane, and - the proof of the pudding is in the eating, they say - I was given some free samples of Somerford Raw & Natural for TomO to try. He just loved it - especially the salmon - and so I ordered more online. It was delivered the next day. He has been a super-happy Westie since I started him on this food. His coat is not so itchy, and an attack of inflammatory bowel disease has occurred only once in two months. Previously he was having one a week. He is more playful and generally happier.


VICTOR JOHN LIPSZAN reviewed Somerford Raw & Natural Dog Diet – 5 star 1 FebruaryHey Guys! i have a 12 week German Shepherd Puppy and his name is Kai! Kai has been eating raw food for about 2-3 weeks now and he absolutely loves it! I was very sceptic about getting raw food because i didn't really understand it at all and all what my mind was thinking was it's bad for them because its bad for us! So Kai was eating his normal Kibble and Tin wet food for about a week and he hated it! I had to force feed him and some times he wouldn't even wanna go near the food! I also noticed with his poo it was really runny when he had the normal Tin food but as soon as jumped on board and found out a lot more information about raw eating i was determined to get him on that as soon as possible! I am 100% sure Kai is thanking me right now because he looks absolutely fantastic after having raw food for only 2-3 weeks! Thank you Petshopboyz for introducing me! i highly recommend this and before you judge the raw food like i did at the start do some research or ask Chris from my petshopboyz he will explain everything !


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