Why Does My Dog Get Itchy Ears?
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Why Does My Dog Get Itchy Ears?

The number 1 reason is Diet
Diet is a huge factor, especially if your dog eats a processed diet.
Kibble or dry food is high in sugar, refined carbohydrates, preservatives, and processed ingredients.
Dry diets feed the natural yeast in your dog’s body. This causes the yeast to grow larger colonies in the gut … leading to inflammation.
That’s why you’ll often see signs of food allergies or intolerance's if you feed kibble.
It’s always important to feed your dog a fresh, raw diet.
Ear infections are an alert that your dogs body is unwell, other issues you may see are
Itchy skin
Hot spots
Itchy, stinky feet
Food sensitivities & runny poo


Here at Somerford Raw & Natural we believe that feeding your dog its natural diet that dogs have evolved to eat over thousands of years allows your dog to achieve optimum health rather than feeding a heavily processed dry kibble.

As humans we are encouraged to eat fresh and eat real food and stay away from processed foods. This should be the same for our canine friends.

At Somerford Raw and Natural we have developed a range of perfectly balanced recipes that have numerous health benefits. Its real food using real and fresh ingredients.



Available in Baby Puppy, Puppy, Adult Dog & Cat Formulations 

Try Somerford Raw & Natural now & see the results for yourself!

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