Urine marking

Territorial behaviour and anxiety are the most common causes for urine marking in dogs.


Dogs repeatedly urinate on vertical surfaces such as walls or trees to mark their territory. Inappropriate marking occurs when the dog performs this inside the home. Causes for this behaviour is usually hormonally or socially based.


Common causes of inappropriate marking:

  • Territorial such as the introduction of new furniture, new pets, new people
  • Anxiety such as separation anxiety, noise phobia


Management of urine marking involves thorough cleaning of the environment, ensuring your pet is treated for any medical or behavioural condition and neutering of household pets.


Tips to help prevent urine marking:

  • Castration of male dogs
  • Neuter all animals in the household
  • Treatment of any underlying disease or behavioural condition
  • Cleaning of any residual urine odours within the house using an enzymatic cleaner
  • Slowly introduce new items into the home to ensure your dog is comfortable before a permanent change
  • Training